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Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Monday....

Or NOT!!!! LOL It has been a very trying Monday to say the least! Does anyone want a four month old puppy??? He is hard headed! Stubborn, loud, whiny and a royal pain in the you know what! I swear... I have no clue WHAT WE WERE THINKING when we got another dog!!!!

Other than the dog driving me crazy, there are a few issues that Hubby and I am trying to deal with... nothing overly major... all of them job related. But they will effect us. I just hope that we can see through the fog and figure out which one of the paths we have before us is God path... the one that he laid down for us... and I pray that we pick the right path and then that we have peace that it is the right choice once we make it! (Sometimes I just wish God would look down from the heavens and say - "Hello down there...Since you are asking I think you need to do_____!" Man - how great would that be?!?!?! Bahahaha)

This weekend was a little on the busy side.... We kind of hung out on Saturday then went to Church on Saturday night! I saw my dear friend Susan who I haven't seen in a while... it was good to see her! I had been missing her for a while - but seeing her made me realize just how much I was missing her.... isn't that funny how that works?

On Sunday we went down to FL, did a little shopping at Gander Mountain and then head to my best friend's house! It was her 29th birthday! (Hmmm, I seem to recall we have been celebrating her 29th birthday for SEVERAL years now!!! Bahahaha). As always it was great to see her!

Oh, on Friday I got 14 of my nineteen new titles cut! You should be sooo proud! I hope to get the rest cut today and then get them all converted and uploaded by the end of the week!

Tomorrow is the first day of July! Whooo Hooo!! And I have some GREAT plans for July! You don't want to miss hanging out here on my blog this month! I promise you that! More details to come soon!

Well I better get off this computer, turn on my dehumidifier and get back to cutting! (Can you say hot and sticky??? That is what it is like here! I think our temp is only 83 degrees but with the heat index and the humidity it feels like 92 degrees!!! Last I checked our humidity level was 69%!!!)

Until Next Time!



Lucky Charm Crafts by Lynn Barwald July 1, 2008 at 9:44 AM  

Lori! Welcome back! I'm sorry I haven't been on the computer much lately because mine died and I had to send it back to HP. What a pain, but I got it back YESTERDAY!!! YIPPEEE!!!! It's still having a few problems, but I'm going to live with them! I made a new layout for you!!! I'm very excited about it and just have to photograph it and send it. I can't wait to hear what you think!

Hope you FEEL BETTER and are getting lots of stuff done!

Welcome home! XOXO, Lynn B

debenj July 1, 2008 at 9:59 AM  

You sure have been busy!!! Am chuckling over your puppy... Would you like a 1yr old to go along with it? Ernie is now 69.5 lbs and still growing. He's into everything (like having an active toddler in the house) but we love him :) They say they'll eventually settle down...Maggie did after 5 yrs...ugh!

Looking forward to seeing your future files.. take care, deb

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