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Friday, June 6, 2008

Happy Friday - and CONGRATS!!!

Whoo Hooo.... it's Friday!!! And I only have a moment to get on here this morning! I am trying to get all my orders completed and out the door, I am trying to get packed and I am trying to get my husband home from work in time so we can leave and make it to our destination on time.... Wheeewwwww.... it is only 8:46 AM and I am ALREADY tired!!!!

Thank you allllll sooooo very much for entering the contest/quiz yesterday!!! I had a ton of responses and I am sooo sorry I didn't get back last night to post them and tell you who won....


The first three people who correctly answered that my "Three favorite glues" are Herma, zig and xryon were"

Karen aka Scrappinmama
Diane aka grandmastoy

Whoo hooooo!!! Now I know all three of these wonderful ladies have cutter machines so they get to pick a Beloved Keepsakes Cutter File as their prize!!!! (Just email me and let me know which one you would like!!) Congrats!!!!

Now - I only got a few comments yesterday on the actual products that I was thinking about carrying in the Beloved Keepsakes Scrapbooking Store.... seems that the komfy cushion is a favorite - but what colors do you guys prefer??? (I know for sure I will be carrying those!) And then for the person who asked me if I was going to sell the 12x12 laser trimmer... I am not sure... I have to see if I can get a retail account with them.. but I am working on it!!!

So - does anyone else have any yes's or no way's for the products I listed yesterday? I mean I know what I like - but does that mean you like it too???

Ok - enough babbling - I got to hit the road! I will be MIA until Monday!!! Hope you all have a GREAT weekend!

Until Next Time!



Anonymous,  June 6, 2008 at 9:25 AM  

Good Morning.....
Yea I won and I do LOVE your files..if I could only be so creative..LOL I think I would like the 5 o clock somewhere Margaritavile file.. We went their when we was at disney on vacation.... It was a hard choice that or a disney file LOL..
Thanks a Bunch!!

Unknown June 6, 2008 at 4:25 PM  

Thank you Lori. This is great. You know I love your files. I also would love the Margarita file. After the cruise, I need to scrap some pictures.
Thanks again.

Lesli June 7, 2008 at 7:49 PM  

Congrats to the winners - I know they will enjoy their new toy :)

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