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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

sorry.... sooo sooo sorry!!!

Ok - what can I say - I am a total - and yes I mean TOTAL slacker!! For those of you that visited yesterday - I am soooo soooo soooooo sorry I didn't blog! It was just one of those days! You know - one of those days where you just get NOTHING done.

It started out with my kidney hurting.... I personally am just praying I don't have yet another kidney stone... then my SIL is going through a really really trying time right now (so for all of you out there that believe in the power of prayer - please pray that she will make the right choice and that God will grant her peace). Anyway - she is having a hard time right now so we are trying to help her emotional as much as we can... and then - well hubby has been snoring up a storm and my sleep as been limited!!! And then the icing on the cake... I had a cold sore pop up!!! Grrrr.... three days before the next Military Ball and I get a cold sore!!!! NASTY!!!

Anyway - today I have totally made up for yesterday..... I went to pet smart to get my doggies some food - oh and speaking of dogs - My puppy is growing by leaps and bounds!!! Here is a new photo of him....

And then to show you HOW much he has grown (he was 12 weeks old yesterday) here is a photo of him and our female who is 3 years old!

So I went to Petsmart, then I went and got my hair cut and colored, and then I went and picked up my dress and then I went and got my toe nails all prettied up and I went to the grocery store! Now I am sitting here blogging away - so see I am trying to make up for my slacker day yesterday!!!

Well that's about it here in at the farm (hehehe - get it??? Old McDonald had a farm!!!! Bahahaha)

I think tomorrow I might just poll you on some of the items I am thinking about carrying in the store!!! Sounds like fun! And maybe I will have a contest to boot! Hmmmmm!!!

Until Next Time!



Anonymous,  June 4, 2008 at 9:23 PM  

You really do have a full plate right now, don't you? I hope things start calming down for you soon...

debenj June 5, 2008 at 7:55 AM  

Enjoy that ball! Your baby is really growing up fast and is so cute! Thank you for sharing some photos with us.

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